Test your ability again to name the title of songs just by reading a part of the lyrics. Answer each question below in the field provided. When you are finished, click the "See The Answers" button at the bottom of the page. GOOD LUCK!

#1 - A guy once dreamed of a girl with light brown hair. What was her name?
Hint: It is a parlor song by Stephen Foster. Foster wrote the song with his estranged wife Jane McDowell in mind. The lyrics allude to a permanent separation.

#2 - These girls thought brown eyes were beautiful and would never love what color eyes again?

#3 - Who asked the question, "Does my lover feel what I feel when he comes near?"

#4 - Who will soon be waking to find her heart is aching? And tears will fall as she recalls the moon in all its splendor?

#5 - These boys had a car that was "real fine." What was the cubic inch displacement of its engine?

#6 - Fats Domino found his thrill there.

#7 - Who got him "rockin' and a rollin', rockin' and a reelin'?" He "Went to a dance looking for romance and saw her so he thought he'd take a chance."

#8 - He joined the Navy to see the world, but nowhere could he find a girl as sweet as ____, the girl I left behind.
He searched the wide world over and couldn't get her out of his mind.

#9 - Who was a jolly happy soul with a corn-cob pipe and a button nose?

#10 - The world looks rosy up on sweetheart hill
For a girl named ____ and a boy named ____
Come on get cozy says the whooperwill
To a girl named ____ and a boy named ____
Where there's a sky that's full of moonlight

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