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Croydon Demographics
Unemployment: 4.6%
Population: 23,553
Australian Born: 74.9%
Primary Job: Clerical, Sales, Service
Median Rent: $265.00 P/W
Median household Income: $1114.00 P/W

Current Renovation Photos

This is a delightful 1950's clinker brick home set on a prime corner allotment in the "Toorak" of Croydon. Wonderful views of the Dandenong Ranges, mature gardens, large trees, large picture windows, 3-4 bedrooms, a wine cellar, and a workshop are just some of the features of this highly desirable property. And you can walk to the train station, Croydon Market, and to downtown shopping with its banks, restaurants, pharmacies, and the movies. Situated on a hill overlooking Croydon, this prestigeous home is on an historic street in an area full of charm and that small-town atmosphere. We have since sold this house and returned to Melbourne, Florida.