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Clinton, Kentucky, circa 1990

Christian Church
Clinton Bank
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Columbus Park
Hardware Store
Methodist Church
Mississippi River

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hickman County sustained some of the worst storm damage from storms that moved through western Kentucky last night. Officials there say strong straight line winds are to blame for extensive damage in the downtown area. Winds tore off more than half of the front of the Waterfield Building next to the Hickman County Courthouse. A portion of the building was knocked over on the road. Several people came out to take a look at the damage. Highway crews closed Highway 123 in Clinton.

High winds also damaged other buildings. Hickman County Judge Executive says he is glad nobody was near the buildings when the storm hit. "We are so thankful it was a Sunday and there was no traffic and nobody walking around nobody was hurt or killed and we are very thankful for that." The Waterfield building was used for storage and nobody was inside when the storm struck.